What sets College Matters apart?

We have been in business for 14 years and have guided over 750 students across the US and around the world through the college and graduate school processes. Our diverse experience as educators, counselors, coaches, parents, business people and consultants provides a unique skill set as independent educational consultants.  

We continually strive to educate ourselves in the field and have achieved the highest accreditation possible. At College Matters, we pride ourselves on tailoring our approach to each and every student while being mindful of the dynamic environment in higher education and current trends.

Our students are poets and pianists, over-achievers and late bloomers, future engineers and aspiring public servants, student athletes, and passionate thespians. We embrace the fact that no two applicants are the same and that this is a personal process; as a result, we take your confidentially seriously.

How is your approach different from others in the area?

We take a holistic approach to the application process. The advantage is that the student and consultant build a relationship, embark on a shared goal and see it through to completion. Since most of our client families take advantage of our packages, we allocate the time needed to complete the task, regardless of the amount of time it takes. We believe that this is how the best college matches are made. In addition, we also offer several workshops for our comprehensive clients to better educate and prepare themselves for the college process.

Aren’t all Educational Consultants certified and credentialed?

Sadly, no. While many national organizations are working to make that happen, at this time, anyone can hang up a shingle and say that they are an expert Educational Consultant.

How do you differ from my guidance counselor at school?

At College Matters, we strive to cater to your student’s plan of action and are available on weekends, after school and during the summer, by appointment. We offer a highly personalized process of matching students with their “best fit” institutions.  In addition, we help students keep organized, stay motivated, and hit deadlines throughout the admissions process. We complement the efforts of the high school counselor by providing the one-on-one attention and extensive time that is needed in making this critical decision and follow it through to completion.

Can you guarantee acceptance to the school of my choice?

A consultant doesn't get you admitted--they help you to demonstrate why you deserve to be admitted. College Matters, LLC adheres to the Principles of Good Practice set forth by both the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and accepts no fees from schools or programs. Our client-centered practice makes recommendations solely on the best interest of the student and their family.

Do I have to live on the Connecticut shoreline?

Absolutely not! We work with students all over the world, at our offices or virtually.

How do you match the student with the school?

When providing a student with a list of schools for consideration, a considerable amount of time is spent in making a match academically, socially and financially.  The consultant initially spends time with the student one-on-one, discussing likes, wants, and dreams. During this process of self-reflection, the student is asked to ponder strengths and weaknesses, learning style and social comfort zone, among other things. Using that as a starting point, the consultant spends significant time constructing a personalized list of colleges to consider. The best source of information the consultant uses is data gathered on personal visits to campuses and conversations with admissions officers. 

Additionally, the consultant utilizes a broad network of professionals and organizations, including IECA and NACAC members, as well as admissions and financial aid officers from around the country and the world.  It is not uncommon for a student to change their mind along the way, which is why we consider the college list to be dynamic, changing as the student visits colleges, fine tunes their major, and changes their goals.

Do you have a maximum number of clients?

Yes. Since the majority of our students contract with us on a package, rather than an hourly basis, each consultant only has the capacity to work with a limited number of students per graduating class. This ensures that all students are given the individual attention they need to complete the process successfully.

When do you recommend that we start?

While the majority of our student families retain our services at the completion of sophomore year or at the beginning of the student’s junior year, we have many clients who are students in their freshman year of high school. The advantage of beginning early is that we can address issues such as extracurricular activities and summer programs, helping the student to discover their greatness and explore passions. All Right Start clients have any fees paid applied to comprehensive packages and are guaranteed a spot as juniors and seniors. It’s like getting two years for free!

I’m looking to go on to graduate school. How can you help?

We have worked with many students on their graduate school applications to medical school, dental school, law school, and business school, as well as for various MA and Ph.D. programs. We assist students in exploring possibilities, preparing for interviews, crafting resumes, and completing essays and applications, as well as staying on track of their deadlines.